The Dictionary of Corporate Bullshit
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"One of the EIGHT Most Remarkable Things in Culture This Month"
Esquire, February 2006

“Effective immediately, [The Dictionary of Corporate Bullshit] should be considered mandatory reading for all corporate employees in our ongoing effort to make your workplace conditions more bearable.”

“If you've ever worked in a large-office environment, you will surely laugh at Lois Beckwith's sardonic — but oh-so-true — new book… As with the pitch-perfect movie, ‘Office Space,’ Beckwith absolutely nails the idiocy of corporate culture.”

—Boulder Daily Camera
New Definitions

incompetence 1. complete inability to accomplish even the simplest of tasks 2. oddly and apparently, one of the keys to achieving success in a corporate environment; those who exhibit extreme incompetence will inevitably supervise vast amounts of people, large departments and will be extraordinarily well-compensated for doing so; in the process they will make everyone who works for them crazy and extremely harried, as the staff will constantly be cleaning up the messes their incompetent bosses have created

Oh, the places they'll go.
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The Dictionary of Corporate Bullshit

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